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Erik liked 2 days ago
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510 threaded vapes continue to grow in popularity, here is our top batteries list that we keep regularly updated -
Erik commented 2 months ago
Karen McGuinness
Hiya I had never heard of dry herb vaping until today..... 🙈🤫 I have been watching some of the Vape Fuse videos on YouTube & it's something I'm interested to learn a bit more about as it is healthier... (More)
Kris commented 2 months ago
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I purchased an Aristech Viva dry vape some time ago and would like to use it to dry vape tobacco. I can get all natural tobacco where I live. Would this device be suitable? What temp should I be vaping... (More)
Karen liked 2 months ago
I'm new to vaping and looking to switch from cartridge to a portable dry herb vaporizer. But I'm a light smoker and tend to microdose, taking 2-3 draws at a time, several times a day. Would this work for me?... (More)