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Kobe commented 2 days ago
The good old Extreme Q was my second desktop vape after using a da budda for a while. I still have that same Q going ever since I've lent it to many friends and it is still going just fine.... (More)
William commented 3 days ago
Airis Mystica Pro - 510 battery with UV sterilization - our review coming soon to the VapeFuse Blog

Hello Lenora, could you please give us more info why your Crafty+ doesn't reach the set temperature? What happens, does it turn off, or simply stayed below the set temperature? Let us know and we'll do our best to help.... (More)

SupercellV commented 2 months ago
We're working on a review for the ispire the wand - a new dabbing device with induction heating. Please let us know if you have any experience using the wand or any feedback to share. Thank you.