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Airis Switch Vaporizer
Airis Switch Vaporizer

Discussion about the Airis Switch vaporizer by Airistech.


hi,first post here, i'm trying to decide wether to get an airis switch, a sutra mini, or a starryv3. Can you guys help me with some pros and cons and any other advice regarding those three?
Hey guys! I wanna buy my first vape and I'm into the X Vape Aria and the Airis Switch. Which one do you recommend? Thank you!
Here is my review on the Airis Switch (and the Herborn) on the VapeFuse Blog -
Jon Richard Here are some pictures to demonstrate how the mouthpiece screws onto the dosing capsules. You basically screw it on instead of the lid and insert the bullet with the mouthpiece on it. This way it will be... (More)