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Wax Vaporizers
Wax Vaporizers

Under this category we discuss any concentrate vaporizers that are designed to vape way concentrates. 


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We're working on a review for the ispire the wand - a new dabbing device with induction heating. Please let us know if you have any experience using the wand or any feedback to share. Thank you.
Here our latest vaporizer review on the VapeFuse Blog, the Airis Air Wax Pen -
Here is a quick post with a couple of images of a totally used Headbanger wax dipper coil. We had a few of you asking in comments (on the VapeFuse Blog as well as here in the Community) when to... (More)

This is a good question that may attract different answers. Here is my take on it.

First, let's have a quick look at what the differences are between dabbing and vaping so it is easier to compare.

Material:... (More)