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Asked a question 2 years ago

Are dry herb vaporizers worth it?

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Yes, they are in my opinion .. for most cannabis users. 

The only exception would be for irregular users, who might only use cannabis a few times a year. If you use cannabis regularly, it is worth investing in a good quality vaporizer. 

There are two main reasons I say vaporizers are worth the money. 

#1 - Your health
Inhaling smoke is not good. Even though cannabis smoke is not carcinogenic as such, it still has tar and other nasties. Smoke will affect your lung and if you work out and smoke joints or punch bongs, you know what I am talking about. 
Switch to vaping and your lung and entire body will feel the difference. 

#2 - Efficiency
Vaporizing your cannabis flower is a lot more efficient way of using it. Cannabis buds are not cheap and you can simply bring a lot more out of your weed if you vape it. 

Vaporizers are surely an investment in terms of money and time, however, I believe the benefits way outweigh the investment.  

In addition to what @Kobe40 typed up, I would like to add that with a vaporizer you really get to taste your weed. 

When you combust weed, all different kind of cannabis tastes the same .. it's just smoke. However, when you are vaping, you get to experience the endless variety of tastes that different strains of cannabis have to offer. Quite a huge difference that also contributes to making vaping worthwhile. 

Based on my experience, I'd say dry herb vaporizers are worth it for sure. Vaporizing is so a much better way to use your cannabis. Do your research and you won't regret giving vaporizing a try.

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