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Asked a question last year

As a non smoker/vaper, is there any risk to me when my husband dry vapes pipe tobacco in our home/car?

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Well, yes and no. Vaping tobacco does not produce the kind of harmful byproducts that smoking does, you would not be exposed to any second hand smoke obviously, however you could inhale some of the vapor your husband exhales.

Tobacco leaf vapor is relatively harmless, even when it's inhaled directly, and would be even more so when you are passively exposed to it. 

Having said that, you would still inhale the vapor and potentially be exposed to nicotine. 

Second hand vapor from dry tobacco leaf is not as much of a concern as it may be from e-cigarettes. E-juices often contain added flavors and some of the chemicals used for flavouring have been linked to serious lung damage. 

Having said that, if you are concerned, perhaps ask your husband to vaporize outside when possible. There are also carbon filters on the market, exhaling thought one of those would eliminate most potentially harmful particles from the vapor, however they are not super convenient to use on the long term. 

You can find out more about smoke and vapor carbon filters here74.  

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