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Can you use oil or wax on cotton in a dry herb vaporizer?

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Well you can use CBD or THC oil as well as wax on organic cotton in a dry herb vaporizer, however the outcome is not the greatest based on my experience. 

There are dry herb vaporisers that include a dosing capsule with organic cotton in their kit for this exact purpose, to use it for oils and concentrates. 

Here is a picture of a dosing capsule pre-fitted with organic cotton in a Flowermate vaporizer kit:

Can you use oil or wax on cotton in a dry herb vaporizer?

The experience of vaping cannabis oil and concentrate soaked up by organic cotton is very similar to the stainless steel liquid pads. 

It is possible, as such, but your oil and wax would be much better utilised in a dedicated wax pen or a liquid vape cartridge. 

We have a detailed article about liquid pads here that might be relevant for you:

In my experience, if you use CBD or THC oil regularly, get a 510 threaded oil cart vape pen or a mod that can vape such oils very effectively. If you are using cannabis concentrates regularly, get a dab pen so you can make the most of your medication.