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Hi guys! I would like to start vaporize tobacco, I'm actually using IQOS, but i thought, why use PreMade Tobacco sticks? why not use directly tobacco? after a bit of research, i was oriented to buy an Arizer Go (ArGo). There's some other choice to evaluate? I'm searching for something easy to use, and to clean, with about 4/5 minutes of vaping time. Thanks to all who will answer me :D

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Welcome to the VapeFuse Community @Nem Delys3
Many people come to the same conclusion you did and as a result, vaping tobacco leaves with dry herb vapes is more and more common. The ArGo is a good vaporizer for tobacco leaves, you are on the right track. As you mentioned, cleaning is a big consideration, especially if you vape a few times a day. 

The Arizer portable devices are arguably the easiest to clean. I personally find them the easiest electric vapes to clean out of all the ones I used. Because of how they are designed, the chamber stays clean, all your resin built up is on the glass aroma tube, so all you need to clean is that. A simple (few hours long) soaking and then a rinse with hot water and its done. 

You can get multiple aroma tubes with silicone caps and pre-load them for the day to make it almost as simple to use during the day as the IQOS. 

The replaceable 18650 battery is also a good feature as you can keep a spare battery and stay charged all day even if you vape a lot. 

I do think the Arizer portables are the best electronic vapes for tobacco at the moment, other consideration could be a gas powered option if that's suitable at all. 

The old, but still available IOLITE Original by Oglesby and Butler is still quite popular among tobacco leaf vapes.
Some people use mechanically heated like the DynaVap or Sticky Brick Lab vaporizers, although they are more suited for home use. 

I hope above helps. 
Please let us know how you go, which one you chose and ultimately how vaping dry leaves compares to using IQOS. Thank you in advance and all the best with your vaping journey. 

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