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What are the cons of vaping dry herbs/marijuana?

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Vaporizing herbs...

I have been vaping marijuana for over 10 years and the only real downside to vaping is cleaning. 

When you are smoking joints, you only have to roll your J, and you are done. With a bong you have to clean the bong, so that's similar, although water pipes are usually easier and quicker to clean than dry herb vaporziers. 

When you are vaping cannabis regularly, you have to clean your vaporizer regularly,  as often as weekly in some cases. This may take anywhere between 5 to 30 minutes depending on your device. 

This is the only con or downside to vaping cannabis I can think of. However, on the positive side, you can vaporize inside and at a lot more places where you can smoke, obviously, it is a lot easier on your lungs and respiratory system in general. 

I am a physically active person and switching to vaping from bongs made a huge improvement to my cardio fitness and my ability to breathe under load. In my world, the positives way outweigh the little extra time on cleaning.

Not many cons as such. Cleaning has been mentioned and I agree with that. The only other con I can think of is the time and money investment. 
You have to buy and maintain a vaporizer ... another gadget. There are some ongoing expenses, such as battery, screens, balloons, whips and so on that you have to buy every once in a while. In term of time investment, you have to put some time into learning to bring the most out of your vape and into cleaning it.