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Greg Wills
Old fart
Asked a question 3 years ago

Which is a better 510 threaded vaporizer connection the magnetic or the screw in?

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I find the screw on magnets a lot easier to use.

In most cases, a magnetic connection would be more desirable for most users. It is more convenient to screw the magnetic adapter to the cart, rather than the cart into the device. It is also quicker. 

Some batteries, such as the CCell Silo92 and Palm83 comes with 2 magnetic adapters, making swapping cartridges very easy. 

I prefer magnetic adapters, however, if I really liked a 510 battery and it was designed with a threaded connection, no magnetic adapter, I would still get it. I hope this makes sense. 

I agree with everything that @SupercellV64 mentioned and would emphasis how much more convenient it actually is to screw your oil cart to a magnetic adapter. 
Especially considering the possibility to over tighten your cart into the device. This can be really challenging when only the tip of the cart hangs out. As you try twisting the cartridge to take it out, it is often the top of the cart that gets undone instead of the 510 thread. This is the mayor disadvantage to the screw in design as disposed to the magnetic adapters. 

I have ruined carts in screw in batteries, but never in vapes that provide a magnetic 510 threaded connection.