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Dry Herb Vaporizers
Dry Herb Vaporizers

Anything related to dry herb vaporizers of any shape or form.

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The new Hippie X manual vape is pretty interesting. Check out the full review here:
Vaporizing herbs...

I've used multiple dry herb tanks over the years alongside normal dry herb vaporizers. As someone mentioned in another comment, you have the variable wattage to control temperature settings on your mod, so you should be able to find your... (More)

Karen McGuinness
Hiya I had never heard of dry herb vaping until today..... 🙈🤫 I have been watching some of the Vape Fuse videos on YouTube & it's something I'm interested to learn a bit more about as it is healthier... (More)
I'm new to vaping and looking to switch from cartridge to a portable dry herb vaporizer. But I'm a light smoker and tend to microdose, taking 2-3 draws at a time, several times a day. Would this work for me?... (More)