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General Discussions
General Discussions

Post here any questions or posts that are about vaporizing and does not fit into any of the more specific categories. 

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I took out my Focusvape today after a long time in storage and it fell apart in my hands, I was surprised. I’ve put a photo of the event below, it does not seem to go back together very well... (More)

In addition to what @Kobe9 typed up, I would like to add that with a vaporizer you really get to taste your weed.

When you combust weed, all different kind of cannabis tastes the same .. it's just smoke. However,... (More)

Yes, they are in my opinion .. for most cannabis users.

The only exception would be for irregular users, who might only use cannabis a few times a year. If you use cannabis regularly, it is worth investing in a... (More)

In case you haven't seen the Storz and Bickel pins, here is the volcano one.