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General Discussions
General Discussions

Post here any questions or posts that are about vaporizing and does not fit into any of the more specific categories. 

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The new Hippie X manual vape is pretty interesting. Check out the full review here:
ALD sent us a newly designed disposable vape called Cannabar. It is not released yet to the public, should be available in the coming weeks, check it and see what you think.
We've tested another ALD disposable vape, the new ALD Polus. It isn't available for purchase yet, but should be soon. Check it out and let us know what you think.
Vaporizing herbs...

I've used multiple dry herb tanks over the years alongside normal dry herb vaporizers. As someone mentioned in another comment, you have the variable wattage to control temperature settings on your mod, so you should be able to find your... (More)