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Tobacco Vaporizer
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Vaporizing herbs...

I've used multiple dry herb tanks over the years alongside normal dry herb vaporizers. As someone mentioned in another comment, you have the variable wattage to control temperature settings on your mod, so you should be able to find your... (More)

Well, yes and no. Vaping tobacco does not produce the kind of harmful byproducts that smoking does, you would not be exposed to any second hand smoke obviously, however you could inhale some of the vapor your husband exhales.

Tobacco... (More)

Yes, you can vaporize dry tobacco leaves in a weed vaporizer, no problems, loads of people do.

The VapeFuse Blog has a pretty detailed article about this very topic here:

I suggest reading that and let us know here... (More)

Welcome to the VapeFuse Community.
I have not tried the Sub Herb Black specifically, however, I have tried other 'dry herb tanks' that work with mods.
They do a decent job at vaporizing dry herbs including dry leaf tobacco. As... (More)